Compare Photoveda with other players


Visit: Cutout

Cutout is a company based in Hong Kong backed by AI labs called libAI. They have a handful of AI tools among others. Their API seems most popular but there is no way of finding out. Cutout supports the following:

  • Background removal
  • Face cutout
  • Colorization
  • AI art generation

among other things. Photoveda is only focused on all things image processing without the AI part. Since Photoveda has a comprehensive API like Cutout pro we are similar in that sense.


Visit: Pixo

Pixo seems to offer roughly the same feature set as Photoveda. They have background removal which we don’t. Moreover Pixo has Wordpress plugin whilst we have Chrome plugin.

Pixo website looks more distracting due to too much graphics. Our website is clean and neat.


Visit: img2go

img2go has a lot of AI features and pretty much same features as Photoveda otherwise. Somehow the interface looks very basic and a little backwards. The interface is little poorly designed but it has a lot of features we may include in future editions of Photoveda.


Visit: Fotor

Fotor is a British company with a really massive userbase and a whole suite of features. It looks like a really successful and feature rich company with a product that has lot of users. I tried playing with their online tool and fotor is a very advanced tool.

Photoveda has no intention to match upto Fotor. We are going to carve out our own niche to do tasks that we are good at.


Visit: Pixlr

Pixlr has some AI tools alongside a template library and other image processing. It is similar to Cutout in that sense. But Pixlr has no API.

It looks like a designer centric website.


The Media website does more than just image processing. They seem invested in AI based tech and does many cool things with images with an AI focus.

Since they are more than just image work they are not our direct competition.


Visit: Imgupscaler

This is a website that does image upscaling using AI and does a few other AI stuff like background removal. It says it is free for commercial use. So perhaps ad funded.


Visit: imgur

Imgur is the world #1 platform for images. You can upload any number of images and they have an API too which I have never tested. But manual uploading is really easy. It is really an image lovers’ paradise since you can upload images to imgur and use in your markdown articles seamlessly.

However they have nothing to do with photo editing.


Visit: persofoto

Persofoto is purely focused on image processing for passports and id documents like licenses. They have done a neat job of focusing on a subset of the image processing landscape to solve a real problem people face.


It does only image upscaling at a very competitive price.

I wonder if people pay for just upscaling images.


Letsenhance has a bunch of AI tools and there is an API as well. When I click at API they ask me to fill up a big form. This is going to put people off.

Does not look developer friendly.

Also the API provider is a different player as the domain name changes.


Visit: theinpaint

This looks like a very old website designed for the Windows ecosystem. The website features a handful of tools like object removal and has some very simple looking pages. Looks more like a very basic photo editor than anything else.


Visit: picwish

picwish is like cutout as it has a lot of AI features with API support as well. Not sure how they compare in features but their website looks more biz focused but cutout is more developer focused.

It is an interesting company to explore further.


Visit: photoroom

Photoroom has created a bunch of products with just background removal as the main engine. It has a neat interface and does not talk much about normal image processing.


Visit: hotpot

Hotpot is a purely AI based image processing platform. We did not include AI tools in this comparison list but this one looked too good.


Visit: iloveimg

This one looks very similar to img2go and has a somewhat boring interface.

There is not a single AI tool mentioned. So that way they are very similar to Photoveda.


Visit: resizepixel

This one has a really neat interface with a single focus on doing the most essential image processing tasks. It has image compression too. I found a lot of free tools for image compression online. tinypng seems the clear winner though.


Visit: colourise

This is a website purely focused on colorizing with AI. This uses convolutional neural networks for doing its job.Just like we have a handful of background removal tools and companies built on top of this , you can find this website focusing on colorizing.

I find the website very basic and too boring.


Visit: photoscissors

This is a website that focused on object removal using AI background removal. We have already seen a few in that category.


Visit: iresizer

It belongs to the same ecosystem as photoscissors. It focuses on changing aspect ratios which we support as well as background removal which we don’t.


Visit: photostitcher

Photostitcher is a very interesting application that can stitch together photos.

If possible we can includ this feature in a future release. However we now lack this ability.